Tubing Rentals
CLOSED AS OF 7/8/2021

Float Steamboat Spring's Yampa River
Call (970) 879-4754 for more info

The Details - CLOSED AS OF 7/8/2021 DUE TO

Cost: $25 per person

Hours of Operation:
Tubing daily from 10:00am until 3:00pm Please note that we are required to be very strict about these times.

Best times to go tubing:

Your experience will always be better if you can depart before noon, there are less crowds, less chance of afternoon thunder storms while on the river, and there is less chance of us being sold out. Switchback Sports (and all tubing outfitters in Steamboat Springs) have a set number of tubes allocated for each particular day of the week. When we reach that quota we can no longer provide tubing service.

  • Reserve your tube by calling 970-879-4754.


Tubing may be closed due to a variety of reasons:
  1. Water level too low, water temp too high, amount of dissolved oxygen too low. These are all conditions detrimental to the aquatic life and Switchback Sports may be closed temporarily per our agreement with the City of Steamboat Springs and Colorado Department of Wildlife.

  2. Water level too high – Switchback Sports has determined that water levels above 700 cubic feet per second are not safe for commercial tubing.

Life jackets are ALWAYS recommended and at higher levels they are required.

Age restrictions may be implicated dependent on flows.

Switchback Sports reserves the right to decline service to persons we deem physically or otherwise impaired.

Shoes (not flip flops) are required.


Where do we start tubing and where do we finish?
Tubing starts from the 9th Street bridge, tubers will float approximately 2 miles down river to just past the James Brown Soul Center Of The Universe bridge where there is a large sign directing tubers to exit the river and a takeout. Tubers are then shuttled back to Switchback Sports.

How long does this take?
The time of the tube ride varies dependent on the flow of the river, generally in peak tubing season the trip is just over an hour.

How do we get back?
Switchback Sports is continuously running shuttles between the takeout and the shop.

How far do we tube?
The tube ride is approximately 2 miles down the Yampa River.

Can I wear flip-flops?
Sorry, no flip-flops allowed, shoes/sandals with a heel strap or closed heel are required.

What didn’t I think of?
If you are a wearer of sunglasses or prescription eyewear a safety strap is highly recommended for your glasses so as to prevent them from falling off the head and becoming lost in the river. Sunscreen is also generally a very good idea to wear.